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Say hello to MsgBubble, the AI Powered game-changing business communication tool that's all about making customer and team connections that count.

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Tools for Every Customer Conversation

Create amazing customer experiences with multiple channels & tools on one platform!

Two-Way Texting (SMS)

Reach customers faster than ever with two-way texting. Continue conversations from other channels like email over text!

Business Phone + Voicemail

Get your own business number that customers can call you on or even leave you transcribed voicemails.

On Demand Video Chat

Greet clients or patients with private or group video appointments. Fully integrated with our scheduling calendar.

AI Web Chatbot

Stay open 24/7 and let AI answer customers questions on your website. AI will notify you if a customer needs your help.

Lead & Digital Signature Forms

Get new leads right in your inbox. Create custom forms and even capture customer digital signatures.

Smart Email with AI Sorting

We find the important conversations in your email inbox that pertains to your active customer conversations.

Automated Messages

Send out automated messages in response to keywords or for routine tasks like Rent being due, or customer birthdays!

Text (SMS) Payments

Get paid even faster by sending out your invoices by text message. Stop waiting for customers to read your emails.


Schedule new appointments for you and your team members within your availability. Track upcoming appointments in your unified inbox!

Invoicing & Estimates

Manage your book keeping and start sending out SMS powered Invoices and Estimates and get them delivered fast.

Team Chat

Keep the conversation going between team members and stay on the same page when working with your customers.

New Customer Reviews

Manage new customer reviews and even autorespond to them professionally with AI!

Start Texting Customers

Higher open & response rates

Stop letting your emails get lost in inboxes—reach your customers directly on their devices with SMS text messages.

Preferred by most Customers

Customers appreciate quick responses delivered straight to their devices. Connect with them effortlessly without needing to use your personal phone.


A Better Business Phone

Put your business phone to work for you, not the other way around.

Answer calls from anywhere

Stay flexible with dynamic call routing from your business number. Answer calls at the office or on the go!

Transcribed Voicemails

Don't have time to answer a call? Transcribed voicemails show up in your one inbox.

Easier Follow-ups

Quickly follow-up from answered or missed calls with text messages, emails or even video calls! Manage the complete conversation timeline on one easy to follow screen.

Business Video

On Demand Video Chat

  • On Demand Video Meetings for one-on-one appointments or group meetings.

  • More ways to connect with customers from one centeralized customer inbox.

  • Personalized way to connect with your customers. Great for customer care!


Stay Open with AI Web Chat

Answer Customer Questions with trainable AI Chatbots & Person Web Chat

AI Chatbot

Let AI do the heavy lifting and prequalify and assist customers & leads.

Web Chat

Want to be more hands on? Chat directly with your website customers when you want to.

Easy Integration

2 minute integration to add AI powered chat to your existing or new website.


Don't lose a customer when they disconnect from chat, follow-up easily with Texts or Emails!

Generate more Leads

Build customizable Lead Forms and Digital Signature Documents

Lead Forms

Use our easy form builder to create contact and lead forms for your website. Split test and view lead analytic metrics.

Digital Signature Documents

Need customers to sign a few things before getting started? Create custom forms that your customers can digitally sign!


A Smarter Email Inbox

Connect your Gmail

With two clicks you can simply connect your business Gmail Account to import customer emails.

Advanced AI Sorts your Inbox

Our AI system filters out all the junk, spam and marketing emails leaving you with the emails you need.

Enjoy Easier Communication

View and reply to important and related customer emails direclty in your inbox under each customer.

Booking Appointments

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Let customers schedule appointments with you within your set team availability.

Reduce booking mistakes

Decrease no show appointments

Easily 2 minute integration online schedule with new or existing website

Text Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending out text appointment reminders to your customers.

Accept Payments

Accept payments for your appointments. Charge upfront or after, or pre-authorize credit cards.

Check-in Kiosk

Free up front desk staff time with the Check-in Kiosk mode. Works on any internet connected browser.

Video Appointments

Create custom calendars for appointments, internal meetings or even employee vacations.

Review Management

Boost Customer Reviews

Manage your Google and Other Site Customer Reviews and increase Business Sales and Search Engine Rankings!

Auto Respond to Google Reviews

Use the Power of AI to autoreply to customer reviews

Make sure no customer feels like you don't care!

Save time by letting AI do all the heavy lifting for you.

Message Automation

Automate your routine business communication operations effortlessly

Autorespond to Messages

Take the work out of updating your customer base.

  • Set Keyword triggered responses. For example if a customer asks for a "Status" you can autorespond with a customers current status.

  • Set Recurring Messages. Send out automated messages based on any recurring timeline. Perfect for recurring customers like dentists or oil service centers.

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Get Paid Faster & Easier

You don't have to wait on your customer to check their email in a few days to get paid. Send your next Invoice out by Text message.

Accept Payments Online and In-Store
  • You can quickly create and send custom links to your customers that allows them to pay you by credit card.

  • Use the BBPOS WisePOS E reader to accept in-store payments. Supports EMV Chip cards, tap to pay and on screen tipping.

Start Accepting Payments

Complete Business Solution

Everything your business needs to succeed is here with MsgBubble

Unified Msg Inbox

View Text Messages, Emails, Video, Appointments, Reviews, Lead Forms, Documents, Files all form one place!

Customer Management Tools

From Customizable Workflows to Calendars and even a Website Builder, we have the tools your business needs.

Report Analytics

Track how well you and your team are doing each month with detailed report analytics. Know when your business is doing well and when it's not.

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